Friday, July 03, 2015

For all of you tea-drinking space freaks out there............


My bro sent me a link to this space-capsule tea infuser.  I love it.......................

I'm not fond of infusers (I don't think the water gets good access to the tea leaves when they are all squished inside, and I don't like fishing the wet leaves out of the infuser, later), but I totally love this.

There are a lot of really cute infusers out there, and this is the one that is calling my name..............


June 30


Walking on a wet day.

Old fashioned daylily.


Fancy new daylily.


Thursday, July 02, 2015

Wednesday, July 01, 2015



I believe there were over 450 corgis at this enormous event.

If you like to look at pics of smiling corgis and happy people, on a gorgeous day at the beach, I invite you to click through and enjoy.  :-)


slime molds and the layout of Roman roads


A rather astonishing comparison between the behavior of slime molds in the presence of multiple food sources, and the positioning of Roman roads.......


Inside Out and the Science of Happiness


I just learned that one of the principal teachers in the Science of Happiness class I took earlier this year was a consultant on the new Pixar movie Inside Out.  Apparently he loves the result.........

Yay for working to get the science right, even in entertainment!


June 25




Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 24, the rest of the day


Walking to yoga.  Looking east over West Park.

Flowers in the park.

Redbud leaf.

Walking home after yoga.  Looking west.

Birdfoot trefoil.  I learned this is non-native -- introduced as a forage plant for animals, and now naturalized all over the continent.  It's pretty........


Vetch, black-eyed Susan, and daisies.....

Looking back toward the east entrance of the park.  Eastern sky over West Park.

The nice garden on 7th street which was full of iris a few weeks ago was full of lilies on the 24th.

Walking on.  I have no idea what this is.  It looks leguminous, but the pods were big.  And looked full of air rather than seeds.......  If it were mine, I would totally have opened a pod to see what was inside!

I bet this pod was well over four inches long.  Working on six, I bet, with that long point in the upper right corner.  And over an inch wide.


parrots imitate sounds -- and dance to the music


From The Conversation -- an article about study of what goes on in parrots' brains when they imitate sounds and dance.


Monday, June 29, 2015

June 24


This is the beautiful garden at the end of my old block.

Lilies, and I don't know what the green stuff is.

Lilies and petunias.



Butterfly weed.

Butterfly weed and lilies.

Lilies and poppies.

Looking down the block toward my first house.


Lilies and evening primroses.


After purchasing sugar snap peas and strawberries at the farmers' market, we went downtown to do some banking, visit the post office and get lunch.

This artist was painting in the window of the pet-supply store.  You can almost see that she has a (green) tablet in her hand, which presumably has the image of the dog she is painting.

Cute pix.

Downtown gardening.

On our way back to the car after lunch, we walked by the Kingsley Street side of the Deli.  I'd never seen this map of the various Zingerman's businesses before.  I like it!  As with much of Zingerman's long-term signage, it's 3D.  Words are cut out of wood, as are (in this case) buildings.....  I like the way they've edited the navigation info down to the minimum that will get the job done.  Very nice.