Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 15



I'd never realized the cap is made of (covered with?) scales, nor that the scales are neatly outlined in a darker color........

Nasturtiums.  I don't remember seeing this sort of paint-splash variegation on nasturtium leaves............

The nearly-circular leaves are unusual to begin with, and then with these splashy colors.....

Datura.  Big furled buds unroll into big flowers with interesting edges.

Another day, another mosey, another bright leaf.  Same old me and Burt, still with Apothecary Rose.

On the evening of the 15th I did something Different.

Usually when I see lists of events at the U, I think "I should go."  But I don't.

On the 15th, the incoming-freshman voice majors put on a recital -- one short-ish song each.

I went, and I'm glad I did.  They were fun to hear.  I wish I knew what their goals and aspirations are.  Opera?  Musical theater?  Teaching?

Some were very polished (told the accompanist when they were ready, and then shared the applause with the accompanist), some looked pretty nervous. 

To my uneducated ear, they all sounded good, and some sounded very good indeed.  I wondered what the educated ears in the crowd knew that I didn't know.....

Here they are, afterwards.  Some of them look 18, and some look 28!

The people taking the official pics asked them to alternate between serious pics, and wild and crazy pics.

I bet asking them for wild and crazy is a good way to get the serious pics taken after ... this ... to be more animated............

I thought during the concert that they are so young -- so new-in-the-world.  All beginning a new phase in their lives, presumably with big dreams and lofty goals.

I was thinking, afterward, that it was interesting to have them begin their college careers with a performance that says "Here.  This is what I have come here to build upon."  In my imagination they might think "This is my intent, my plan, my purpose."

Psychology majors, and math majors don't put on public presentations for the wider community, to say "Here.  This is why I have come to this place............."

I think it was cool for them to begin in this way, and I am glad I got to witness it. 

I wonder if any of them will ever become household names.....................


Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 13


An autumnal scene.  Yellow house (with a fancy screen door), black cat, and chrysanthemums.

Peppers at the farmers' market, or, Reds and Greens.  (See the one red pepper, upper left?)

The previous Saturday I bought a bouquet at the market.  I was annoyed to discover that the stems hadn't been stripped.  There were A LOT of rotten leaves tightly packed into the group of stems.  It took a long time to dismantle and strip, and even though I cut the ends off the stems, the flowers only lasted a couple of days.  I won't be buying from that vendor again, and I'll be checking to see if the stems have been stripped before I buy any bouquets!

I hardly ever like the look of spent flowers, but I thought the bottoms of these zinnias were sort of cool.

This pic was taken around 11:30 am.

Old dog, asleep on the family-room floor.

At 3:30 pm, more light was coming in from outside.  My spent bouquet, in the afternoon light.

Curly leaves, at top.

Walking.  Apothecary Rose.  I like this historical murder-mystery series, about a former captain of archers.  Set in York in the 14th century.  The main female character is an apothecary in her own right (is on her way to becoming one, officially, in this book).

Me, and Burt, and a bright leaf, and Owen Archer, on a sunny-but-chilly day.


Friday, September 19, 2014

September 12


I heard a voice that sounded like a hawk, though it wasn't as loud and hoarse as I have known hawk voices to be. 

I looked up.  This image is considerably zoomed.  It's a tall tree.

Let's lighten it up.....  Those could definitely be hawk colors.

Zoomed even more, and cropped.  I'm surely not seeing anything that looks like a hawk's beak, but our look at that part of the bird is confounded by the twigs between us and the bird's face.........

This bird was the size of a small hawk.  Way too big to be a "little brown bird."

Another couple of trees beyond the one holding the bird -- the remains of another bird (a mourning dove, I think).

Of course hawks aren't the only ones who kill birds.  I think it's most likely that bird up in the three was a hawk.  I saw a small hawk chasing a bird through the neighborhood, once, and I've seen bigger hawks in the neighborhood.

Nature, red in tooth and claw.  Or, I think, probably, in beak and claw............

Honeysuckle.  Smells so good................


September 10


The 10th was rainy and chilly.  A good day for a nap on a folded-up comforter.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 9


Another gorgeous day.......

Nightshade.  Poisonous.

Time for sedum "Autumn Joy" -- it surely brings joy to many, including bees......

Honeybee.  So pleased that we can see her fur jacket and the transparency of her wings.

Lots of small bumbles on the Autumn Joy.

Three small bumbles here, and a handful of metallic-looking flies.


Zinnias posing in front of a garage.

I thought these were asters when I took the pic, but when I look at the foliage, I'm wondering if this is a chrysanthemum.

Birch; peeling bark.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 7


Reflection on the wall under the ironing board, from the sun on the iron (which was sitting on the floor).


September 6


I told you, on the 6th, that our telephone wires (and hence our internet service) were in doubt.

AT&T sent someone over to check on it, right after I called.  I told them on the phone that a tree fell on the wires, but this guy said AT&T doesn't do fallen trees.......


I told him that only one small branch was actually on the wire, and offered him our clippers.  He agreed to give it a try, and sure enough, clipping that one small branch freed the wire.

He proceeded to remove the broken wire, which, luckily, was the OTHER line, not the line we actually use.  (There were two separate lines here when we bought the house in 1985.)

Lots of other people had no power.  We were lucky to escape with as little damage as could actually be called damage. And to have someone show up as quickly as they did.  I'm not a big fan of companies as big as AT&T, but I have to say AT&T is RELIABLE........  I have had this phone number for over 40 years, and my land line has been down exactly once in all that time.  Once, within the last 18 months, and it was something they could fix (while I was on the phone to them, to tell them there was a problem) by twiddling something from the office.  Even during the Great Blackout, we still had phone service.................  Can't beat that.  !!!

On to the farmers' market.  Watermelons, onions (or shallots?), corn, tomatoes, chrysanthemums.

Cauliflower.  With broccoli.  I've never had either yellow or purple cauliflower.  Aren't they pretty?

Totally love these eggplants.  I've never seen the pumpkin-shaped ones before........

Chard and other greens...........

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Carrot cake.  This is yummy.  It would be ok with me if it were just a touch less sweet about the frosting, but the cake is so good I forgive it the slightly-too-sweet-for-me frosting.

Bouquets at the market, with shadows.

And and with interesting water marks on the pavement. 

Peppers and squashes.

Peppers and tomatoes.

Clouds seen from the library parking lot.

Moseying around the block.

This cloud was so brightly lit along the top........................