Friday, August 01, 2014

July 16 -- the rest of the day


Walking on home.  This redbud is on Chapin, between Huron and Miller.  Looking up at the leaves from under the tree -- wow.

The new leaves are amazingly red.

Here's what they look like from on top.  Not nearly so stunning as from underneath.

Baby ducklet in the pond at West Park.

A closer crop.  I'm pleased that a moving object, not that close, on water, comes out this sharp.  Goooooood little camera!

Mama Duck, preening.

The babies seemed like they weren't sure where to go.  Mama was WAY up there, and they couldn't get there from the water.  You can see five babies in this pic -- four in the lower left quadrant, and one just to the right of Mama, just above the edge on the boardwalk.

This is the same photo as above, only with helpful markings.

On the other side of the pond is another mama, who also has small babies. 

Muskrat, hoping for a handout.

The west end of the park.  With lots of wild flowers.

This next one was taken about where that band of yellow flowers points toward the curve in the path, above.  (Blogger has UNhelpfully increased the saturation here -- the original isn't this intense.  Argh.  I really really REALLY wish that "leaving people's pics alone" were the default................)

We're looking northwest.  That coppery looking thing in the lower right is the top of the band shell.  The path from the east into West Park forks near the pond.  The south fork goes over the pond, and the north fork goes by the band shell.  

There are many concerts in the park in the summertime.  I found out last week at yoga class that one of my classmates plays oboe in those concerts!  Good for her -- an energetic person with varied interests!

I think this is butter and eggs.

Butter and eggs, and clover.

Isn't this nice?  Black-eyed susan, queen Anne's lace, clover, chicory, and I don't know what the tall wispy stuff is.  And I bet there are more flowers in there that I am not seeing, now, as I name them off.........  This is on the south side of the south path through West Park, with the side of the ravine rising up (giving a nice dark green background) to Huron (behind the flowers).

I'm almost home.  This is a look down into the ravine.  This is the part of the ravine that is a "park" near my house.  I think by "park" they mean "unmaintained city-owned land."

My daylilies.  Love these..........

Love the petal curls.

Walking through the neighborhood later.

Someone else's daylilies.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 16 -- the garden at the Massage Station


The Massage Station, at the corner of First and Huron, has a really nice garden.  They are not shy of tall plants.

Zinnia, with sunflower leaves.

Love the way the skinny curly bits peer out from behind the petals.....

Lots of excellent sunflowers in this garden!

Note water droplets in the green stuff.

Given those little flowers, above, the big petals around the whole shebang may have some other name? If the little flowers have the actual petals?

Not sunflower.  I'm don't know what this is.

I'm not sure, but this may be different from the one above.


Not sunflower.


Sunflower.  We're not the only ones admiring these.  See the bee?

A big bumbler,covered with pollen........

The bee left.  This is the same flower.......  Interesting how we can see the incipient seeds in the center, and the flowers still blooming around the edges........

Sunflower bud.

Not sunflower bud.

Bicolor zinnia.

Unicolor zinnia.

Not sunflower.  Is this the same as either of the other not-sunflowers above?  Or are all of them the same kind?  I don't know.......


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 16 -- Art Fair


The Ann Arbor Art Fairs started on July 16.  I took the bus downtown, and walked to the (newish) location of the original fair (which used to be on South U. but now is on Ingalls Mall, between the League and Hill Auditorium.

These are Greg Barnes's pastels.  Love them...................

A better look at this one.  Really nice.

It was gray and chilly (much better, in my mind, than sunny and 90!).

This dance troupe put forth a LOT of energy for the few people who were there watching them as the fair began on Wednesday the 16th.

They're doing some work on the bell tower (Burton Tower, home of the campus carillon).

That's the league, with the bell tower behind it.  The street is North U.

I don't remember ever seeing an instrument like this one.  It sounded nice, I thought.

Chalk going down in someone's booth.


Daylilies and geraniums.

I don't watch Project Runway, but I know someone who does....

The ceramist was explaining to this fair-goer how he'd made this enormous pot.

Mom, just for you -- JT is still potting....

This person likes contrast and saturated color as much as I do.  These were enormous.  I think the pieces of the Florence triptych are 3'x4'. You can get some idea of scale from that person who is just visible at right.  He was a ways away from these.....

I love this table.  If I had a beach cottage, with a wide empty hallway..................  The artist's sign says William Alburger, in case you actually do have a beach cottage and a wide empty hallway.

Love the washed turquoise thing behind it, too.  Don't you think the table, with the turquoise wall piece behind it, need that orange bouquet in the next booth?

I saw a lot of art that I admired, but didn't take many pics.  Some booths had "NO PHOTOS!" signs, and I didn't feel like asking, asking, asking if it was ok to take pics.  I was pleased to see a lot more fiber than in some years.  Quilters, clothing makers (in dress fabrics, and in knitted fabrics), people working in various ways with felt......  Hooray for more fiber!

By the time I reached the booth above (which was at the corner of North U. and State), I was hungry, so I went down to Jerusalem Garden for lunch.  There were a number of people waiting for take-out, but I was able to walk right in and sit at the counter.  My felafel with tabouleh sandwich (a pita wrap, but they call it a sandwich) was delicious.