Tuesday, August 04, 2015

July 28



I was looking at the daylilies, and noticed that something was moving.........

I think this is a silvery checkerspot.

I wish I could look at its antennae under a microscope....  Those black and white stripes, and those bulgy yellow things on the ends.............

I bet this is a yucca.  Love the wispy-looking curls, in contrast with the very sturdy and linear leaves.

Here's what the whole plant looks like.

It's in the same yard with all the big fancy daylilies.

I know this little house was featured here the last time it was for sale....  It's very cute.  If you like to look at houses online, this one is on Doty in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I believe this is a Stokes aster.


Monday, August 03, 2015

July 27



With jet trail.


July 26



Black-eyed Susans.



Sweet peas.



Sunday, August 02, 2015

July 25


I just learned this is called Flower of an Hour.  It is amazingly cool.  Not only does it have an interesting flower, with a lot going on, but it's got astonishing translucent buds!

This isn't as sharp as I could wish, but not only does the flower have that intense magenta center, it's got a lot of red and yellow, too.  The yellow is pollen, I believe, and the red ...pistils?

Then look at the bud!  !!!

At first I thought that bud was a seed pod, but look at the bottom of the flower from this angle.  It looks to me like that is the same exact sort of stuff we're seeing in the bud at the front of this next image.....

I'm pretty sure that leaf, above, upper right, isn't supposed to curl like that, but I kinda like it.

Beautiful garden at the end of my old block.  Daylily.

Phlox at top, and Turk's-head lily.

I wonder what these are.  I'd have guessed that they were seed pods, but looking back at the flower, above, I do not think there were flowers at every one of these leaf/stem junctures. 

Stargazer lily, in the beautiful garden.

Stargazers and daylilies.

Phlox at top, daylily, lily at the bottom.

Phlox, daylilies, lilies.

Lots and lots of stargazers for sale at the farmers' market.

That evening.  Walking.


Saturday, August 01, 2015

July 24


The 24th was a "looking up" kind of day.

Looking south over the parking lot that used to be mostly for KMart, before KMart was defunct.  Nowadays it's the parking lot where I go to buy formerly-owned tshirts.

It was a hot day.  But looking up we were rewarded for coming back outside.

Later.  Walking.

I was looking down, too, honest.

But recording what was up.....

Did you see the black thing, in the previous?  It was a crow.  I never saw it when I took the pic.....


Friday, July 31, 2015

emotional state of amino acids


The guy who is the main teacher for the Science & Cooking class I'm taking reminds me a bit of a young Robin Williams.  In looks, and in enthusiasm, if not in complete bonkeritude.

He, shall we say, tends to anthropomorphize his subjects of discussion.  Here's a quote from one of the videos I am listening to today:  "Hydrophilic basically means it likes water.  So if you put hydrophilic amino acids in water, they're perfectly happy.  If you put hydrophobic amino acids in water, they're perfectly sad."

We have heard a lot about what makes atoms and molecules happy and sad, and what they like (and do not like) to do as a result.

It all makes a lot of sense, and I'm not sure at all that this way of describing things isn't true, for all practical purposes.....


college for Afghan girls


Here's something else I love about the interwebs -- we can support things like building a college for girls in Afghanistan.


July 23


Baby mourning dove.  Though if this one were a human, it would be old enough to tell you "I no baby, I *kid*!"

It spent a bunch of time preening, on the 23rd.  I saw it standing on the edge of the nest a couple of times, but I never saw it flapping, the way the baby -- I mean *kid* -- robins did, or the way the kid ducks do.

It was still in the nest the morning of the 24th, but by the evening of the 24th, it was gone.  I wish it well.....  It seems like such a hapless thing, to have to survive the big dangerous world with only the ... not-so-attentive ... parenting it seems to me to have gotten.  I hope its parents are looking out for it now.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Smell & Tell on Aug 26


I was reading the Observer  as I had lunch, and I saw that there is going to be another Smell & Tell on Aug 26 (at the library downtown).  6:30 pm.

These presentations are always instructive and entertaining -- if you'll be in Ann Arbor and don't have something pressing to do on the 26th, I suggest you might like to check it out.


July 22 -- walking home from yoga


 Gorgeous skies.


Looking west.

The people you can barely make out in the bottom of this next pic are part of the band, on their way to the band shell, to put on a concert.  We'll have to walk that way, one day, so I can show you the band shell.....

I counted seven ducks in the pond.  I can't tell the babies from the mother anymore.

Ducks, and ripples.

Ducks.  On a mission?

The ducks were doing a lot of flapping.  Exercising their wings, getting ready for flight.  I tried to catch them "on film" but failed.

Then I believe the mother gave them some sort of sign, and two of them took off with her.

When ducks take off, they run along the surface of the water, flapping their wings, until they get enough speed to get airborne.

That's what you see below, the immediate aftermath of three ducks, taking off!

Two more of the ducks on the pond took off just after the first group of three.  Two more did not fly while I watched.  Two of the five that flew came back pretty soon.  The other three never came back while I watched.

In past years I have seen the mother take them up, do a loop around the park, and then come back.  I've never seen ducks take off or land except on open water....  When they land, they water ski along the top of the water as they lose speed.

I didn't wait a terribly long time, on the 22nd, for the group I believe was the mother and two kids to come back to the pond, but they did not come back.  I wondered if she was showing them where the river is.  Or something.  Giving them a sense of the bigger world, with other bodies of water, as well as encouraging them to fly longer and longer distances, to strengthen their wings for migration...........

It was a fabulous night in the park.  Flowers everywhere, amazing skies overhead, interesting wildlife to observe, a band getting ready for a concert, and a softball game on the diamond.  This park is a terrific amenity for the neighborhood and the city.

One last look toward the west.

Back at my house, enjoying my daylilies.